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The lifetime risk for major depression in women is well known to be twice the risk in men and is especially high during the reproductive years between menarche and menopause. A subset of reproductive-age women experience depressive episodes that are triggered by hormonal fluctuations. These reproductive subtypes of depression can be conceptualized as a specific biological response to the effects of hormonal fluctuations in the brain.

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STUDY DESIGN: Predictors of the deleterious and beneficial effects of oral contraceptive pill use on premenstrual mood were analyzed with the use of logistic regression in a nested case-control study within a community-based cohort of premenopausal women in Massachusetts. In adjusted models, previous depression was the only significant predictor of mood deterioration odds ratio, 2. Premenstrual mood is most likely to deteriorate in women with a history of depression and to improve in women with early-onset premenstrual mood disturbance or dysmenorrhea.

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Rebecca C. Thurston, MaryFran R. Sowers, Barbara Sternfeld, Ellen B.

Her work involves experimental paradigms with use of both hormone- and sleep-manipulation to isolate the causal pathways linking hormonal changes and neural processes with vasomotor symptoms, sleep and mood disturbance, as well as the impact of reproductive transition physiology on metabolic and behavioral indices of body fat gain in women. She also conducts randomized trials to demonstrate the efficacy of therapies directed at vasomotor, sleep, and mood disturbance in midlife women and breast cancer survivors, as well as clinical and community-based epidemiologic studies of symptom burden in these populations. Her research has been continuously funded by the NIH for the past 20 years, as well as through foundation, pharmaceutical industry, and philanthropic sources.

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Farwell et al. Wolff and J. SMA

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